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Choosing Lot et Garonne .....                                        

                                   and using the ULM Base Saint Exupéry

is to recognize a love of green hills and valleys as well as the blue sky...

vue générale

Do you know what is the relationship between Agen prunes and the biggest ULM base in Europe ?
Well, Montpezat d'Agenais is situated in the Agen area and it's not just by chance.
In fact, plums are a delicate  fruit which don't tolerate wind, just like microlights! . This was one of the reasons which inspired Philippe Boucherat to create in 1986 what was to become the world famous ULM Base Saint Exupéry.
The weather in the region allows flying all the year round and the base is ideally situated an hour's flight from the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and from Spain, and not far from Toulouse and Bordeaux. It's a region well known for its excellent food products and which offers lots of tourist activities for all the family. Montpezat base offers an especially warm welcome to its visitors. Three flatlets and six bedrooms are available and there are many hotels and guest houses in the area. We also have an excellent restaurant at the base, "le St Ex", where you can indulge in all the local  specialities.

How do we approach microlight flying ?

First of all, we must tell you that we have been in existence since 1982 and that we were one of the first microlight schools in France.

With certified training for instructors and as the base for many international Air Shows, we have actively taken part in the «HARMATTAN» expedition from Bordeaux to Marrakech in 1983 (a world first),

Why do people love Base ULM ? 

Because we put safety and professionalism first. We offer serious training in a friendly club atmosphere leading to the award of a licence adapted to individual capacities.

And the result ? You can make new friends, take part in air trips and enjoy touring rallies.

In short, it's a dream…


Base ULM Saint Exupéry - 47360 Montpezat d'Agenais (FRANCE) - Tél : (33) 05 53 95 08 81 - Fax : (33) 05 53 95 01 02